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Welding Positioners

For Greater Space Savings and Productivity

RollerDrive SP Series Welding Positioner

  • Payload:300kg to 3,600kg
  • Large hollow bore:Φ245mm(SP360)
  • Thin-profi le body:190mm(SP030 to SP060)
  • Repeatability:± 0.03mm(SP030 to SP120:R=250mm position)
  • Excellent stability and ensures shortening the tact time
  • Tough against impact from emergency stops
SP Series Models

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Sankyo RW Series Welding Positioner

The RollerDrive RW Series is a positioner for welding machines. Excellent stability against shocks that are caused by high-speed positioning and emergency stopping of heavy loads. The oversized hollow output shaft simplifies wiring and plumbing. The low-profile body allows for overall compact equipment design. 

RW Series Models

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Rollerdrive Welding Positioner for Greater Space Savings and Higher Productivity

In welding automation, motion control using servo systems is a crucial element which greatly affects equipment performance.  Naturally, equipment specifications and performance are designed assuming that the expected motion is attained, but if there are factors such as backlash, insufficient rigidity or control instability in the motion control section, then output motion will deviate from the input control commands and it will be difficult to attain the expected performance.

Sankyo RollerDrive welding positioners are offered in a range of sizes to meet the demand for customer specific welding applications.  Offering unsurpassed speed and durability Sankyo RollerDrive welding positioners are tough against shocks caused by high-speed positioning and impacts from emergency stops of heavy loads.  No matter your welding project, our team at Sankyo Automation will work to your project specifications.