Sankyo Automation

Welding Positioner Series

SP Series

Welding Positioners For Greater Space Savings and Productivity.

RW Series

High Speed rotary positioners for welding machines.

welding positioner

RU Series

Handles small to large loads, features quick indexing and a large bending moment.

Pure Motion By Zero-Backlash Technology

In automated welding systems, precise motion control utilizing servo mechanisms plays a pivotal role in determining equipment efficiency. It’s essential for the machinery to achieve the intended motion, as equipment specifications and performance are designed with this in mind. However, if issues like backlash, inadequate rigidity, or control instability arise within the motion control components, the output motion may deviate from the input commands, making it challenging to achieve the desired performance.

Sankyo RollerDrive welding positioners cater to a variety of customer-specific welding needs with their diverse size offerings. With remarkable speed and resilience, these positioners can withstand high-speed positioning shocks and heavy load emergency stops’ impacts. Regardless of your welding project’s requirements, the experts at Sankyo Automation will collaborate closely with you to meet your precise specifications.