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VLC and VSC Series

VLC and VSC Series by Sankyo Automation in Cincinnati Ohio

VLC and VSC Series
Loop Control and Straightener

Coil Stock Loop Controller for high-speed feeding

Excellent Stability

Keeps material from flapping when fed at high-speeds


Maintains material in an optimized loop

Easy to Adjust

Offers a touch panel display for easy modification of feed parameters

Performs Leveling

Straightens kinks and winding tendencies in material (VSC Series Only)

The NC Loop Controller is a unique product developed to condition loop stock for material feeding by restricting the material’s freedom of motion. No other device works the same way. Servomotors control the amount of rotation of the drive rolls while sensors and our dedicated servo controller stabilizes the loop into an optimum shape. This reduces flapping in all speed ranges. The material is delivered to the feeder without scratches, creases, or markings, thus improving the quality of the finished product and the productivity of the line. Small footprint design makes it easy to install.


  • Motor cores

  • Connector

  • IC lead frame presses

Sankyo Automation Cam Indexer Technology

VLC and VSC Series is a Sankyo Automation product. Sankyo is the worldwide leader in cam indexer technology; continuously working to develop new, innovative technologies in motion control. Our collection of high-speed, high-precision rotary indexing solutions are frequently utilized in manufacturing systems that require accurate, high speed actions.

With customers spanning the United States – to customers international – including regions such as Europe, Central and South America, it is of the utmost importance that our products meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market. The excellence of Sankyo products didn’t occur through happenstance, but through a regimented process control and the dedication to constant improvement; doing better than we did the day before.

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