Sankyo Automation

VGX Series

Gripper Feed

High speed and functionality
Many adjustable features
Built in support handles irregularly shaped materials

Wide Product Lineup

Available in a wide range of models and sizes, and designed to meet various feeding conditions

High Speed Feeding

Capable of ultra-high-speed feeding rates of up to 2,000 spm (model VGX30)

Many Adjustable Features

Dials used for all adjustments (push buttons on VGX350) with digital readout for material thickness and release position

Handles Various Materials

Inherently designed to feed irregularly shaped material, soft material, and processed material

The Variax VGX Series is a coil feeder for presses that inherits the high level of accuracy of our top-selling VG Series. Material thickness, feed pitch, and release timing are easy to adjust, even during operation.


  • Connector

  • IC lead frame presses

  • Beverage can presses

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