Sankyo Automation

VG Series

VG Series, gripper feed by Sankyo Automation in Sidney, Dayton and Columbus Ohio

VG Series
Gripper Feed

High accuracy and general purpose
Multiple options to handle various materials

Wide Product Lineup

Available in a wide range of models and sizes, and designed to meet various feeding conditions

High Speed Feeding

Capable of ultra-high-speed feeding rates of up to 3,600 spm (model VG15H)

Easy to Adjust

Easy dial adjustments of feed pitch, grip force, and material thickness (material thickness is adjustable only on the VG__(T) models)

Handles Various Materials

Inherently designed to feed irregularly shaped material, soft material, and processed material

The Variax VG Series is a coil feeder for presses that delivers high precision and speed. It can be used for a variety of feeding conditions, such as for feeding irregularly shaped or soft material, in applications that call for micro-pitch feeding and ultra-high-speed feeding.

VG Series Applications

  • Connector

  • IC lead frame presses

  • Beverage can presses

Sankyo Automation Cam Indexer Technology

Sankyo Automation is the worldwide leader in cam indexer technology; continuously working to develop new, innovative technologies in motion control. Our collection of high-speed, high-precision rotary indexing solutions are frequently utilized in manufacturing systems that require accurate, high speed actions.

With customers spanning the United States – to customers international – including regions such as Europe, Central and South America, it is of the utmost importance that our products meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market. The excellence of Sankyo products didn’t occur through happenstance, but through a regimented process control and the dedication to constant improvement; doing better than we did the day before.

See our products in action HERE

Feed Pitch
Material Thickness
Material Width
Stamping Speed
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