Sankyo Automation

Torque Limiters

Overload Clutch

Low Profile
Easily adjustable settings
Maintains overall strong rigidity

The Sankyo torque limiter is a safety device designed to protect mechanical equipment from accidental overloads. When an excessive torque load occurs, the torque limiter trips and shuts off the transmission of torque to protect the machine. Sankyo’s design follows the separation principle, commonly regarded as the most reliable principle available. The tripping torque mechanism is based on the mechanical transmission of torque formed by a ball and a ball pocket, or roller and roller pocket combination. This mechanism ensures accurate torque shut-off and easy trip-point adjustment without degrading performance of the equipment to which it is installed. The torque limiter device resets to its original location with minimal loss in accuracy. The torque limiter trip torque point is easily adjustable using hand tools. It also features a detection plate which allows monitoring using a proximity sensor. Upon an overload event, the machine can be quickly stopped to prevent damage to the power transmission mechanism and other equipment.

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