Sankyo Automation

Stamping Press Feeds

Gripper Feeds

High accuracy and for general purpose use.
Multiple options are available to handle various materials.

Features a high speed design and superior functionality. Many features are adjustable and built-in support handles irregularly shaped materials.

Roll Feeds and Loop Controls

High-speed servo feeder
Advanced functionality for long feed pitches and varying feed angles.

High accuracy and power
Long-selling standard model for performance and reliability.

Coil Stock Loop Controller for high-speed feeding.

Pure Motion By Zero-Backlash Technology

The RollerDrive CNC is a circular table designed to fulfill the demands of the latest machine tools for increased speed and precision. It uses our zero-backlash reducer known as RollerDrive, which transmits motion without distortions. The RollerDrive CNC remains robust against external forces unlike existing gears and torque motors. The precision and rigor of the zero-backlash technology results in a rotational accuracy of ±10 arc sec. and repeatability of less than ±4 arc sec. The RollerDrive CNC powerfully persists while cutting through hard metals.

4th axis rotary table