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RU Series

Servo Indexing Drive and Table

Superior Movement Achieved with Zero Backlash Technology

RollerDrive Overview

In factory automation equipment, motion control using servo systems is crucial
element which greatly affects equipment performance. Naturally, equipment
specifications and performance are designed assuming that the expected motion
is attained. If there are factors such as backlash, insufficient rigidity or control instability in the motion control section, then output motion will deviate from input control commands. It will be difficult to attain the expected performance.
With the RollerDrive™ products, a servomotor is mechanically reduced while
maintaining powerful torque, rigidity, and stability. An output motion, faithful to input control command can be attained by achieving zero backlash with our unique preloaded mechanism.


  • High Rigidity Model
  • Large Bending Moment Capacity
  • IP66 Equivalent Option Available

Designed for Heavy Loads 

Quick Accurate Indexing

Large Bending Moment

IP66 Equivalent Option 

Zero Backlash Technology
Delivers Unsurpassed Motion

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