Sankyo Automation

RS Series

RS Series by Sankyo Automation cam indexing technology in Sidney, Dayton, Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio

4-Axis Rotary Table

Featuring high speed, compact size and an oversized bore, the RS Series is ideal for small-sized machining centers and taping machines.

Zero-Backlash Technology

RollerDrive achieves zero-backlash.

High Accuracy

Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability.

No Clamping

No clamping necessary due to mechanically rigid zero-backlash structure.

Available in 4 Table Diameters

Available in table diameters from 100 to 240mm.

RS Series tables offer a combination of compactness with high speed.  RS tables are used for many machining applications on small tapping centers and machining centers. (Exclusively for Vertical Mounting)


  • Machining of impellers

  • Machining of turbine blades

  • Machining of dies and molds

Sankyo Automation Cam Indexer Technology

Sankyo Automation is the worldwide leader in cam indexer technology; continuously working to develop new, innovative technologies in motion control. Our collection of high-speed, high-precision rotary indexing solutions are frequently utilized in manufacturing systems that require accurate, high speed actions.

With customers spanning the United States – to customers international – including regions such as Europe, Central and South America, it is of the utmost importance that our products meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market. The excellence of Sankyo products didn’t occur through happenstance, but through a regimented process control and the dedication to constant improvement; doing better than we did the day before.

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