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RCD400 Machine Tool 4th Axis

Fast, repeatable, zero-backlash. The RCD400 machine tool 4th axis is ideal for larger horizontal and vertical machining centers. It is available in back, side, and top-mount configurations. 

machine tool 4th axis

The RCD 400 machine tool 4th axis features our RollerDrive technology, making it a robust, fast, and accurate solution for a variety of machining applications. This rotary table can be outfitted with cnc chucks, vises, pallets, trunnion tables, and more.

The RollerDrive CNC, a CNC rotary table, is designed to fulfill the demands of the latest machine tools for increased speed and precision. Inside, the RollerDrive CNC uses a RollerDrive, our zero-backlash reducer which transmits motion without distortions while staying robust against external forces unlike existing gears and torque motors. The high precision and rigidity achieved by the zero-backlash technology gives the RollerDrive CNC a rotational accuracy of less than ± 10 arc sec. and repeatability of less than ± 4 arc sec., and remains robust while doing heavy cutting work on hard metals.

  • Table Diamater:  Φ 300
  • Center Height: 185mm
  • Table T-slot Width: 12mm
  • Keyway Width: 18mm
  • Clamp Torque: 1100 N・m
  • Maximum Table Speed: 60 min-1
  • Gear Ratio: 1/60
  • Indexing Accuracy: +/- 10 arc.sec
  • Repeatability: +/- 4 arc.sec

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