Sankyo Automation

RCD Series

4-Axis Rotary Table

The RCD Series is heavy duty and versatile, with excellent accuracy and quick indexing capability. It’s best fit for machining or taping centers.

Zero-Backlash Technology

RollerDrive achieves zero-backlash.

High Accuracy

Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability.

No Clamping

No clamping necessary due to mechanically rigid zero-backlash structure.

Available in 5 Table Diameters

Available table diameters from 105 to 400mm.

RCD Series tables offer compactness and high speed along with excellent accuracy and repeatability. RCD tables are used for many machining applications on small tapping centers and machining centers. (Vertical or horizontal mounting)


  • Machining of artificial bones and joints

  • Machining of automotive engine parts

  • Machining of aerospace parts

  • Lens polishers

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