Sankyo Automation

RA Series

Servo Indexing Drive and Table

Handles small to medium load
Quick indexing
Large bending moment

Zero-Backlash Technology

RollerDrive achieves zero-backlash.

High Accuracy

Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability.

High Rigidity

Tolerates heavy vibrations associated with machine tool applications.

Choice of Motors

Dedicated fittings are available for mounting motors from various manufacturers.

The RA Series has a lightweight aluminum housing, ideal for robot end of arm tooling. It’s zero-backlash reducer uses our RollerDrive® Technology mechanism. Unlike gear/worm type friction drives, this revolutionary design combines preloaded rolling contact for high-efficiency and minimal wear. Packaged in a compact low profile housing, standard features include a large diameter output bore and mounting for any servo motor brand of your choice. An optional inline or right angle second reducer solves speed, torque, motor mounting or footprint challenges. Buy it only once, this versatile system can be programmed and repurposed for long or short term applications (Max output speed 150 rpm (200 rpm for the RA40)).


  • Rotating arm and crystal pick up in semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • Precision stage drives for steppers (photolithography)

  • Robot joints

  • Rotary tables for polishing equipment

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