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Since 1987, Sankyo Automation has been one of the most advanced leaders in cam driven index technology. To this day, Sankyo continues to develop renowned, original motion control technology.

Innovative design, meticulous process control, and a ceaseless commitment to improvement results in the high quality products for which Sankyo Automation is known. Located near Sidney, OH, our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility is home to these technologies and values of excellence. This hub serves as the sales, service, and manufacturing base for our products which travel globally to reach our customers. We supply merchandise for markets throughout North America and Europe, as well as Central and South America.

Our parent company, Sankyo Seisakusho Co. of Japan, is a world leader in precision cam driven devices and motion control mechanisms. Through a combination of innovation and thorough research, Sankyo Automation thrives in a vast, ever changing technological industry.

While the market is rapidly changing, Sankyo Automation remains stagnant in one area: our vow to always provide customers with manufacturing solutions that match and exceed industry standards.

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