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Cam Indexing Drive and Table

All series feature flange, shaft, or parallel input or output shafts

Sankyo Automation has many different cam actuated positioning mechanisms to fit a wide variety of applications. Sankyo’s standard cam mechanism is a roller gear cam (globoidal cam) that has many advantages compared to competing cam mechanisms such as barrel cams. The roller gear cam mechanism is a preloaded zero-backlash mechanism that comes in a right-angle configuration. It is renowned for its positioning accuracy and smooth dynamic performance. For applications requiring parallel shafts, Sankyo’s P series achieves this by using a pair of conjugate cams. All of Sankyo’s units use needle roller bearing cam followers for long life.

Sankyo’s cam positioning devices are available with a variety of cam motion curves that are selected to suit the application. The units can be driven mechanically via belts or gears to synchronize the units to the rest of the machine. It is also very common to drive them with their own AC gearmotor using a VFD for speed control. Each series is available in fixed-stop, oscillating, or constant-gear ratio configurations. Sankyo’s cam indexer have been used in a wide-variety of applications including small-part assembly, welding positioners, and high-speed stamping press applications. Sankyo’s cam products range in size from something that can be held in the palm of the hand to indexers that weigh several tons. They fit applications that require incredible accuracy and repeatability and also systems that run up to 1,000 indexes per minute. The robustness of the cam mechanisms allow for the units to run for many years or even decades before replacement is required.

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