Sankyo Automation

OPUS Series

Roll Feed

High-speed servo feeder
Advanced functionality for long feed pitches and varying feed angles.

High Performance

Industry leading performance level


Built-in preventive maintenance and diagnostic functions for IoT compatibility

Global Support

Global support for many languages, standards, and service


Can feed wide, thin, and soft materials

The Variax OPUS series is a high-performance servo roll feed that is perfect for use in motor core production lines for hybrid, PHEV, and EV car motors along with other applications requiring high line speeds. By integrating a high-capacity servo motor and roll into one body, it achieves world-class performance. The driving servo motor’s motion profile follows a unique Sankyo developed cam curve for optimal dynamic performance. A servo motor and cam curve motion profile are also used to control the vertical roll motion for the release mechanism, allowing the OPUS series to feed thin and soft materials. The controller in the OPUS series is equipped with a large monitor and included many diagnostic functions. It offers IoT (Internet of Things) preventive maintenance and diagnosis, as well as good operability.


  • Motor cores

  • Metal bearings

  • Power transistors

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