Sankyo Automation

IC Series

Precision Link Conveyor

High accuracy and robust design
480mm~unlimited length
80/120/160mm link size

High Speed

Up to 120 cycles per minute.

High Accuracy

±0.1 mm (±0.0039”) feed pitch accuracy

Zero Backlash

All links are preloaded in X, Y & Z axis for zero backlash

Load Capacity

Static axial/face load: 4,500 N (1,011 lb/f) per link - Dynamic offset load: ~350 N with 200 mm offset per link

The IC80 series precision link conveyor is an excellent choice for a robust, accurate linear assembly chassis. Precision machined steel links are accurately advanced with either a fixed motion cam indexer or a servo driven zero-backlash RollerDrive®. Our robust steel conveyor frame preloads the links in all directions. An innovative chain tensioning system and all needle bearing design extends the service life of the conveyor by reducing vibration and eliminating chain stretch. Conveyor lengths are available in 480mm (18.89”) increments.


  • Linear inline assembly when accurate positioning’s required

  • Reconfigurable lengths to match product size or increased production

  • Serve as the main chassis when multiple components are assembled


  • 80, 120, 160 & 240 mm (3.14, 4.72, 6.29 & 9.44 inches) link sizes

  • Single or multiple chain link feed pitch options, reversible

  • Fixed motion indexing motor drive, 8 torque ranges available

  • Programmable servo motor drive, 5 torque ranges available

  • Safety clutch & overload detection

  • Economical support legs or machine base with custom configurations

  • Line shaft synchronized or asynchronous pick & place handlers

  • Aluminum links for high speed, low inertia applications

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