Sankyo Automation

Rotary & Linear Positioning, Indexing

Superior Movement Achieved with Zero Backlash Technology

Servo Indexers and Positioners

  • Standard Model
  • Large Variety of Gear Ratios
  • Corrosion proof and Waterproof/Dustproof Options Available
  • High Rigidity Model
  • Large Bending Moment Capacity
  • IP66 Equivalent Option Available 

  • Large Thru-Bore Model
  • Corrosion proof and/or Waterproof/Dustproof Options Available
  • Lightweight and Low Profile
  • Lightweight Model
  • Low Profile
  • 5 Sizes Available 

Fixed-Stop Cam Indexers

  • High torque capacity
  • Hollow output bore
  • 2-32 fixed stops
  • 0~200 cpm
  • Shaft or flange ouput
  • 2-48 fixed stops
  • 0~300 cpm

All series feature flange, shaft, or parallel input or output shafts.

Assembly Chasis and Linear Motion

  • 0~12 pick & place handler
  • 6~36 indexing station
  • Synced motion
  • High accuracy and robust design
  • 480mm~unlimited length
  • 80/120/160/240mm link size
  • High speed
  • Long stroke
  • Handles small to heavy load

Pure Motion By Zero-Backlash Technology

The RollerDrive technology is a circular table designed to fulfill the demands of the latest machine tools for increased speed and precision. It uses our zero-backlash reducer known as RollerDrive, which transmits motion without distortions. The RollerDrive technology remains robust against external forces unlike existing gears and torque motors. The precision and rigor of the zero-backlash technology results in a rotational accuracy of ±10 arc sec. and repeatability of less than ±4 arc sec. The RollerDrive powerfully persists while cutting through hard metals.