Sankyo Automation

CS Series

Linear Servo Actuator

High speed
Long stroke
Handles small to heavy load

High Speed

CS30 can move 300kg a distance of 1 meter in 1.5 second

High Accuracy

Positioning: 0.03mm / 300mm - Repetitive: ± 0.02mm (± 0.01mm without optional inline reducer)

Zero Backlash

Cam follower rails are preloaded into the internal cam for backlash free motion.

Compact Size

Small footprint, housing mounts in any position.

The CS Series is a backlash free, servo driven, linear actuator designed for moving heavy loads at high speeds with accurate positioning. Stroke length is fully programmable and unlimited in either direction with additional rail sections. This versatile system mounts in any position. The cam follower rail can be mount fixed with the block traversing or the block can mount fixed. Multiple actuators can serve as a pick & place handler or X-Y table. With the internal cam ratio and optional inline servo reducer, many load and speed requirements are achievable.


  • Traversing axis for robot base

  • Oscillating load/unloading gantry

  • Pallet transport between machinery

  • Transfer shuttle for press die, packaging, assembly automation

  • Parts handler

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