Sankyo Automation

5th Axis Rotary Tables

Discover unmatched precision with Sankyo Automation’s 5-axis rotary tables, engineered for high-speed and accuracy in the most demanding machining tasks. Our compact, open-ended designs, as well as our lineup of trunnion tables, ensure seamless integration into any CNC setup, enhancing both functionality and workspace efficiency. With Sankyo’s advanced technology, you can achieve superior machining performance and reliability, setting new standards in your production capabilities.

Available in 4 Options for various applications


rcd105 cnc rotary table fixture

rt series

5 axis rotary table


rcd105 cnc rotary table fixture

rtd series

5 axis rotary table machine
Sankyo Automation Cam Indexer Technology

Sankyo Automation is the worldwide leader in cam indexer technology; continuously working to develop new, innovative technologies in motion control. Our collection of high-speed, high-precision cnc rotary tables are frequently utilized in manufacturing systems that require accurate, high speed actions.

With customers spanning the United States – to customers international – including regions such as Europe, Central and South America, it is of the utmost importance that our products meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market. The excellence of Sankyo products didn’t occur through happenstance, but through a regimented process control and the dedication to constant improvement; doing better than we did the day before.