Sankyo Automation

CD Series

Cam Indexing Drive and Table

Shaft or flange ouput
2-48 fixed stops
0~300 cpm

Wide Product Lineup

Available in many sizes and indexing configurations.

High Speed

High speed input (300 rpm)

High Efficiency

Low frictional torque reduces hysteresis loss.

Flexible Mounting

Index mounts in any position with gearmotor mounting on either side of the index

Our cost effective CD Series features fixed-stop indexing for cycle on demand or continuous operating applications. Each compact, cast iron housing includes an output flange for mounting sprockets or dial plates, and a shaft for coupling. Right angle geared motors, on demand stop sensors, and overload torque limiting clutch with overload detection packages are available options. Most units are grease filled, maintenance-free operation (excluding 14 & 17 sizes). This series offers excellent positioning accuracy, a large selection of housing sizes, multiple cam configurations, and high torque capacity. It’s a perfect choice for synchronized or asynchronous applications commonly used by assembly machines, packaging machines or conveyor drives.


  • Electronic component assembly machines

  • Plaster container manufacturing equipment

  • Food filling and wrapping machines

  • Various assembly and inspection machines

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