Sankyo Automation

BR Series

Servo Indexing Drive and Table

Handles small to large load
General purpose
Large output bore

Low Backlash

Preloaded cam and follower bearings mechanism is efficient, reduces backlash and wear


Adapts to any servo motor brand of your choice, no additional motor inventory or support training

High Rigidity

Mounting feet for flat surface mounting or heavy machine base frame options

Low-profile Footprint

Low profile housing for a compact design with a small footprint.

The BR Series ring indexer has a larger bore for mounting tooling, automation components or a robot in the bore of the housing. Output motions are programmable with the servo motor drive. Featuring low backlash, this system includes an internal gear reduction for light loading at high speeds. With an optional inline or right angle reducer, heavy loading at high speeds are achievable. We use the servo motor brand of your choice to avoid additional cost & training.


  • Flexible rotary assemble requiring limitless station quantities

  • Robot, feeder bowl and rotary assembly integration

  • Replace short conveyor applications with smaller footprint

  • Assembly processes requiring part access from both sides & top

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