Sankyo Automation

BH Series

Rotary Assembly Chassis

0~12 pick & place handler
6~36 indexing station
Synced motion

High Speed

Up to 90 cycles per minute.

High Accuracy

Less than ±30 arc seconds indexing dial plate positioning accuracy and less than ±0.02mm handler positioning accuracy.

Synchronized Motions

Up to 12 pick & place and/or pressing handlers of any combination

Small Footprint

Replaces short conveyor applications with better accuracy & capacity

The BH Series rotary assembly machine features an indexing dial plate with synchronized pick & place, or pressing handlers mounted above the indexing dial plate. Driven with one motor, up to 12 pick & place and/or pressing handlers can mount in any combination or angular position around the bull gear drive. For accurate positioning at high speeds with a small footprint, this is the ultimate assembly machine. Just add finger tooling, station fixtures and power.


  • Rotary assemble requiring 6 to 36 stations

  • Assembly requiring 10 input, 2 unload stations (inspection, measuring, crimping)

  • Replace short conveyor applications with smaller footprint

  • Synchronized linear & rotary with line shaft drive withup to 90 cycles/minute


  • Linear torque limiter for each pick & place handler

  • Rotary torque liming clutch for rotary indexing dial plate

  • Rotary encoder for motion timing

  • Variable speed motor controller (VFD)

  • Servo motor drives for frequent on demand cycling

  • Custom base plate & frame configurations

  • Dual assembly machines in a common form with rotary transfer handlers between dial plates

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