Sankyo Automation

AR Series

AR Series by Sankyo Automation

Servo Indexing Drive and Table

Handles small to large load
General purpose
Stationary output bore

Servo Driven

Flexible programmable motions, versatile for reconfigurable assembly lines, adapts to any servo motor brand.

Flange Output

Dials, gears, sprockets or weldments mount directly to the output flange, optional riser for second dial plate mounting.

High Rigidity

Dual output bearings support large bending moments and rigidity when loaded from multiple directions.


Low profile housing for a compact design with a small footprint.

The AR Series is servo-driven and designed for most applications with programmable output motion. Its compact, low-profile housing features a stationary output bore for routing supply lines or wiring. With ±60 arc seconds positioning accuracy, 6 housing sizes and multiple gear ratio options, it’s a cost effective automation solution. An inline or right angle servo reducer can match your speed & load requirements. No need to stock or learn to support another servo motor brand, as we can adapt to any brand of your choice.


  • Welding machines for automotive parts

  • Tire assembly machines

  • Manufacturing equipment for solar panels

  • Various assembly and inspection machines

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