Sankyo Automation

AD Series

Cam Indexing Drive and Table

High torque capacity
Hollow output bore
2-32 fixed stops
0~200 cpm

Flange Output

Dials, gears, sprockets, and other elements can be mounted directly to the output shaft.

Standard Equipped Gearmotor

The AD Series come with a variable frequency drive gearmotor with a hollow output shaft.

High Rigidity

Flange output surface stays rigid in all directions.


Low profile housing for a compact design with a small footprint.

The AD Series is a cost effective fixed-stop indexer, designed for most applications. Packaged in a compact low profile housing, standard features include a hollow bored output and right angle geared motor with on demand stop sensor package. Oil filled, the housing can mount in any position and totally maintenance-free. With high positioning accuracy, a wide selection of housing sizes, cam configurations and one of the industry’s highest torque capacity, the AD Series is an excellent indexing automation solution.


  • Welding machines for automotive parts

  • Tire assembly machines

  • Manufacturing equipment for solar panels

  • Various assembly and inspection machines

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