Sankyo Automation



Rotary Tables for Machining Centers

Heavy duty and versatile, while featuring unmatched accuracy. 

RCD170 rotary table

Rotary and Linear Positioning

Robust, accurate linear assembly chassis for automation.

IC series factory automation solutions

Welding Positioners

For greater space savings and productivity in a precision automation environment.

welding positioner for automation

Stamping Press Feeds

Advanced technology for long feed pitches and varying feed angles.

stamping press feeds for automation

CAM Indexer Technology

Cam Indexer Technology, Sankyo Automation’s specialty, encapsulates our dedication to innovating in motion control. We continuously develop new technologies to enhance this field. Our high-speed, high-precision rotary indexing solutions are integral to manufacturing systems requiring exact and swift actions. These advanced solutions are crucial for applications where precision and speed are paramount, such as automated assembly lines and high-speed machining operations.

Our commitment to innovation in Cam Indexer Technology also involves integrating the latest advancements in automation and control systems. This ensures that our products not only meet current industry standards but also anticipate future demands. By constantly refining and expanding our technology, we aim to provide our clients with solutions that offer increased efficiency, reduced downtime, and higher overall productivity. This forward-thinking approach positions Sankyo Automation as a leader in the field of precision automation, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in motion control and automation technology.


With customers spanning the United States – to customers internationally – including regions such as Europe, Central and South America, it is of the utmost importance that our products meet the demands of a rapidly changing global market. The excellence of Sankyo products didn’t occur through happenstance, but through a regimented process control and the dedication to constant improvement; doing better than we did the day before.

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