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LM Series
LM Series
The LM Series is a compact, quick response, safety device that shuts off when an overload occurs in the linear direction. This type of protection is not available with rotary safety protection devices. It is designed to be mounted as an option on the output of the SANDEX Parts Handler GY Series to protect the output during handling work.
TorqueLimiter Technology



Easy to Adjust
Trip torque can be adjusted by simply turning the adjustment nut
No Play
Zero backlash
Compact Design
Lightweight, small footprint design
Ideal for the Parts Handler GY Series
Can be attached to the output as an option
Characteristics Unit 4LM 5LM 6LM
Trip Torque Adjustment Range N 5 to 15, 19 to 45 5 to 15, 19 to 45 15 to 120
Torque Adjustment Nut Thread Pitch mm 1.0 1.0 1.0
Static Allowable Moment N·m 8 16 31
Mass kg 0.14
(Internal rail 0.07 kg)
(Internal rail 0.12 kg)
(Internal rail 0.32 kg)
* Product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Confirm details when ordering.
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