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TAD Series
TAD Series
This overload protection device was developed to be used on the output table of the SANDEX α Series. It has a large diameter hollow bore that allows use of the fixed shaft in the center of the α Series. It is also suitable as a safety device for the output table on an assembly chassis.
TorqueLimiter Technology



Large Diameter Type
The large diameter design with hollow center bore makes this model suitable for protecting tables and for mounting on indexers with fixed center shafts
Ideal for the SANDEX α (Alpha) Series
Optimized to fit the SANDEX α Series, our all-in-one drive and indexing unit
High Accuracy
Excellent trip torque accuracy
Easy to Adjust
Trip torque can be adjusted by simply turning the adjustment nut
No Play
Zero backlash
Characteristics Unit 7TAD 9TAD 11TAD 15TAD 19TAD 23TAD
Trip Torque Adjustment Range N·m 40 to 250 60 to 450 90 to 600 300 to 2200 600 to 4500 1200 to 5500
Torque Adjustment Nut Thread Pitch mm 2 2 2 2 2 2
Max Allowable Radial Load N 2450 5200 7300 11800 16800 24800
Max Allowable Thrust Load N 2950 5000 7000 12000 17000 35000
Max Allowable Moment N·m 45 100 180 430 750 1950
Max Allowable Rotation Speed rpm 200 200 200 140 120 100
Moment of Inertia kg·m2 0.02 0.07 0.15 0.8 2.1 4.5
Mass kg 4.5 9.6 15 43 74 110
* Product specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice. Confirm details when ordering.
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