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CTS Series

The CTS series is the ideal oscillating or indexing unit for high-speed applications requiring heavy loads transmission, such as machine tool changing, automotive components and general assembly. The thin cast iron housing is recessed to accommodate unique shaped parts or recessed gripper arms. A double reduction ratio drive rotates the cam perimeter to supply large torque capacities. Accurate rotational motion is achieved with a zero backlash spline type output shaft. Since one revolution of the input shaft equals one full cycle, the large cam diameter can yield 360 degree oscillation with long lift strokes up to 165mm (6.5 in).

The output shaft is supported with long linear bearings compatible with unbalanced loads typical of single arm applications. Lift motions use the face of the cam to keep both motions synchronized. Versatile inverted, side or upright mounting of the handler and the motor drive packages reduce the footprint and design integration time. Shaft extensions can be configured to accommodate special motor drives, timing sensor packages or custom output fixtures. The design level of accuracy, durability and compact design makes the CTS series a perfect addition to your machinery.

2, 4, 6 and 8 incremental output stops with +5 arcmin or 0.03mm per every 25.4mm radius (0.0014"/1" radius)
30° to 360° motions with +5 arcmin or 0.03mm per every 25.4mm radius (0.0014"/1" radius)
Maximum Cycles
Maximum of 90 cycles per minute bi-directional indexing or oscillating motions
Standard Size Housing
Painted cast iron housings are available in 3 standard sizes
Cast Iron Housing
Cast iron housing thermally expands the rate as the internal steel components to maintain accuracy
Mounting Flexibility
Handler mounts in upright, inverted positions or either side
Incremental Rotation
Drive mounting package can be rotated in 90° increments with the motor upright or inverted
Variable Frequency Drive Controller Option
Variable frequency drive controller utilizes electronic braking and variable speed for motors in 115-1ph, 230-1/3ph, 460-3ph volts, 50/60 Hz, UL & CE certified
Timing Cam Sensor Package Option
Optional IP50 photo eye timing cam sensor package supplies dial "in position" signal to stop the motor (IP65 proximity type optional)



  • in = (mm) x 0.039
  • lb-force = (N) x 0.224
  • in-lbs = (N-m) x 8.851
  • lb-in² = (kg-m²) x 3417.168
  • deg = (arcsec) x 0.00028
  • lb = kg x .454
  • lb = N x 0.2248
  • in = arcsec x (4.848 x 10 -6 ) x radius (in)
Literature, Specs & Dimensions
Maximum Cycles/minute
90 (1 input revolution equals a full cycle)
Maximum Extend Stroke
mm (in)
0~90 (0~3.54)
0~118 (0~4.64)
0~165 (0~6.49)
Stroke Accuracy
mm (in)
±0.5 (±0.0019)
Standard Oscillating Angles
30, 90, 120, 180, 210, 270, 300 & 360
Oscillating Accuracy
arc sec
Standard Indexing Stops
stops (deg)
2 (180), 4 (90), 6 (60), 8 (45)
Standard Indexing Stops
2, 4, 6 & 8
Standard Indexing Stops
Although mounting position-1 is our standard, the gearmotor can be rotated in 90° to the left or right around the index input shaft. Each application may require special parameters to be compatible with its environment. Please consider our checklist when installing our equipment.
  • Corrosive compatibility-paints, coatings, stainless steel metals
  • Packaging & machining-washdown
  • Cleanroom standards
  • Ambient & processing temperatures
  • Speeds-extreme or multiples, frequent stopping & starting
  • Unit life
  • Explosive-class, division & group rated
  • US-FDA & Europe-MDD standards for medical, electronic, infrared or electromagnetic compliance medical or barcode readers
  • Voltage or amperage limitation
  • Welding conductors carried through the unit
  • Emergency stop time, lockout/tag out compliant
  • Extreme placement accuracy
  • Excessive dirt & debris
  • Guarding for motor drives, shielding from flying metal chips for machining
  • Machining-extreme stability to avoid chatter
  • Excessive bending movements & accuracy for unbalanced loads
  • Additional external forces from processing

Optional Accessories

  1. Output: Adjustable torque limiting clutches & overload monitor sensing (click for more info)
  2. Output: Hollow shaft (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  3. Output: Extended length, keyways, tapped holes, dowel holes, special configurations (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  4. Housing: Special paint, dowel holes, special configurations (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  5. Input: Motor drive options, standard gearmotor (click for more info)
  6. Input: Special motor drive options (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  7. Input: Special shaft configuration (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  8. Input: Timing cam sensor options (click for more info)
  9. Input: Special timing cam sensor options, multiples, explosion proof (click to contact Sankyo Sales)
  10. Electrical: Motor drive VFD (variable frequency drive) controllers (click for more info)

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