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Variax Press Feeds

VARIAX is Sankyo’s tradename for our high-performance, high speed press feeds and related products. With a goal to meet difficult requirements in the stamping press industry, we combined the latest know-how with an innovative product concept based on Sankyo’s unique cam technology. Our gripper feeds use Sankyo’s roller gear cam technology to create the world’s fastest feeds. Our servo roll feeds set a new standard for performance and reliability and also incorporate Sankyo’s proprietary motion curves. With their excellent operability and user-friendliness, including easy parameter adjustments such as feed length, material thickness, and grip force, these press feeds play an active role in press rooms throughout the world.

Gripper Feeds
VG Series
VG Series

High accuracy, general-purpose
Wide range of options
for handling various material.
VGX Series
VGX Series

High speed and functionality,
Many adjustable features
Built-in support for handling irregularly shaped material.
Roll Feeds
VS Series
OPUS Series

High-speed servo feeder
Advanced functionality for long
feed pitches and variable feed angles.
V Series
V Series

High accuracy and power
Long-selling standard model based on performance and reliability.
Peripheral Equipment
VLC and VSC Series
VSC and VLC Series

Coil Stock Loop Controller
For high-speed feeding.
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