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BR Series Ring Indexing Table
BR Series
The BR Series ring indexer has a larger bore for mounting tooling, automation components or a robot in the bore of the housing. Output motions are programmable with the servo motor drive. Featuring low backlash, this system includes an internal gear reduction for light loading at high speeds. With an optional inline or right angle reducer, heavy loading at high speeds are achievable, We use the servo motor brand of your choice to avoid additional cost & training.


Low Backlash
• Preloaded cam and follower bearings mechanism is efficient, reduces backlash and wear
• The output accurately positions in both CW & CCW directions for the life of the unit
Speed & Accuracy
• Multiple gear ratio options enable smaller inexpensive motors to drive large loads
• Servo motor reducer accuracy is enhanced by the 20 times with the cam gear ratio, high reduction
• Excellent bending
• Mounting feet for flat surface mounting or heavy machine base frame options
• Programmable motions in CW, CCW or synchronized interface with robot servo controls
• Adapts to any servo motor brand of your choice, no additional motor inventory or support training
• Optional inline or right angle second reducer fits most speed and load requirements
• Removable dial plate for easy machining
Low Profile Footprint
• Support equipment mounts inside the ring indexer bore, overall footprint & height is minimized
• Inline or right angle second reducer mounts in 90 degree increments to fit your space
• Replaces short conveyors with better accuracy
Typical Applications

BR Series Specifications
Description Unit BR550 BR750 BR1100
Gear ratio - 40:1 60:1
Max. acceleration torque start/stop N·m 1,700 4,960 6,960
Static rated output torque N·m 2,570 6,910 12,310
Max. E-stop torque N·m 2,050 5,530 9,850
Rated output torque (5 RPM) N·m 1,230 3,580 6,330
Max. output speed RPM 25 16
Nominal output speed RPM 8 5
Output positioning accuracy arc sec ±30
Output repetitive accuracy arc sec ±10
Output axial & radial runout μm <40 <50 <60
Max. output axial loading N 55,900 74,500 112,800
Max. output radial loading N 26,000 35,300 52,000
Max. output bending moment N·m 3,300 8,200 14,600
BR weight without 2nd reducer kg 175 300 450
2nd reducer weight (inline) kg ~4 ~8.5
2nd reducer weight (right angle) kg ~9 ~26
Dimensions & spec PDF 611 kb 611 kb 611 kb
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