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Typical Applications
BH Series Rotary Assembly
BH Series

The BH Series rotary assembly machine features an indexing dial plate with synchronized pick & place or pressing handlers mounted above the indexing dial plate. Driven with one motor, up to (12) pick & place and/or pressing handlers can mount in any combination or angular position around the bull gear drive. For accurate positioning at high speeds with a small footprint, this is the ultimate assembly machine. Just add finger tooling, station fixtures and power.


Speed & Accuracy
  • Up to 90 cycles per minute
  • Less than ±30 arc seconds indexing dial plate positioning accuracy
  • Less than ±0.02mm (±0.0007”) handler positioning accuracy
Synchronized Rotary & Linear Motions
  • 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20, 24, 30 or 36 indexing stations
  • Up to 12 pick & place and/or pressing handlers of any combination
Standard Features
  • Totally assemble with drive system, handlers, indexing dial plate, manual rotation & base frame
  • 2 torque limiting clutches to protect motor & handler drives with overload detection
  • Synchronized output line shaft drive to power supporting equipment
  • Base plate with radial T-slots for mounting supporting equipment
  • Dual timing cam flags & proximity switches
  • Finger safe guarding (excluding the handler motion)
  • Dual voltage (230 or 460) inverter rated motor
  • Linear torque limiter for each pick & place handler (LM Series...more)
  • Rotary torque liming clutch for rotary indexing dial plate (To Series...more)
  • Rotary encoder for motion timing
  • Variable speed motor controller (VFD)
  • Servo motor drives for frequent on demand cycling
  • Custom base plate & frame configurations
  • Dual assembly machines in a common from with rotary transfer handlers between dial plates
Small Footprint
  • Footprint is much smaller than conventional assembly machines
  • Replaces short conveyor applications with better accuracy & capacity
Typical Applications

Description Unit BH14 BH20 BH25
Cycles per minute - 0 to 90
Indexing Dial Station Quantity - 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 30 & 36 (others are available)
Indexing Dial Positioning Accuracy arc sec ±30 ±20
Indexing Dial Repeat Accuracy arc sec ±7.5
Indexing Dial Max. Axial Load N 4,820 15,680 16,660
Indexing Dial Max. Radial Load N 8,820 28,420 32,260
Indexing Dial Torsional Rigidity N·m/rad 8.72x105 5.88x106 4.90x106
Weight (without handlers) kg ~800 ~1200 ~1700

Description Unit 6GW (pick & place) 6GX (press)
Output Arm Vertical Stroke mm 0~50 40
Output Arm Horizontal Stroke mm 0~60 N/A
Output Max. Vertical Force N 24.5~60 (50mm stroke, 5~90 CPM) 2450
Output Max. Side Loading Force N 147 2450
Output Arm Positioning Accuracy mm ±0.02
Output Arm Bending Rigidity mm/N 1.33x10-2 5.10×10-6
Weight kg 20 18
Dimensions & Specs PDF 373 kb

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