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FA Series
FA Series
The FA Series is an oscillating handler that is based on the FN Series but offers greater functionality. It uses the simple but reliable design from the FN Series for more torque in the rotating direction. It also has an extended maximum oscillating angle of up to 180°, and an extended lift stroke.



Advanced Version of the FN Series
The FA series inherits the features of our best-selling FN series
Extremely Flexible Design
Max lift: 35 mm, Max oscillating angle: 90°
Extremely Rigid, Solid Motion
The shaft is larger in diameter than our FN Series for improved rigidity and stable motion
Flexible Mounting Positions
Index mounts in any position with gearmotor mounting on either side of the index
Typical Applications

FA Series Specifications
Description Symbol Unit Specification
Output Allowable Carrying Load W0 N Refer to Carrying Capacity Table
Output Allowable Thrust Load P1 N 245
Output Allowable Radial Load P2 N 150
Output Static Torque TS N·m Refer to Torque Transfer Table
Output Torsional Rigidity K1 N·m/rad 9865
Input Allowable Thrust Load P3 N 980
Input Max Repetitious Bending Force P4 N 1078
Input Max Repetitious Allowable Torque P5 N·m 68.6
Input Torsional Rigidity K2 N·m/rad 9500
Input Moment of Inertia (Note 1) J1 kg·m2 1.5×10-2
Oscillator Output Moment of Inertia J0 kg·m2 1.8×10-3
Output Lift Internal Load Ma1 N 24.5
Housing Color     Hammer net silver
Product Weight   kg Approx. 27
Oscillating Accuracy May vary with each application. Contact us for details.
Note 1) Input moment of inertia: J is calculated in dwell. - (1N ≒ 0.102 kgf)

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