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Typical Applications
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AD Series

The AD Series is a cost effective fixed stop indexer designed for most applications. Packaged in a compact low profile housing, standard features include a hollow bored output and right angle geared motor with on demand stop sensor package. Oil filled, the housing can mount in any position and totally maintenance-free. With high positioning accuracy, a wide selection of housing sizes, cam configurations and one of the industry’s highest torque capacity, the AD Series is an excellent indexing automation solution.


Flange Output
Dials, gears, sprockets, and other elements can be mounted directly to the output shaft.
Wide Product Lineup
Available in many sizes and indexing configurations.
High Rigidity
Flange output surface stays rigid in all directions.
Thin profile housing
Standard Equipped Gearmotor
The AD Series come with a variable frequency drive gearmotor with a hollow output shaft.
Typical Applications

AD Series Specifications
Description Unit 7AD 9AD 11AD 15AD 19AD 23AD 33AD 45AD
*Indexing Motion Stops * 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, & 32 (others available)
Max. Axial Load N 7,390 13,880 18,470 27,770 59,890 90,020 120,140 164,640
Max. Radial Load N 2,630 3,760 5,830 11,080 15,440 19,440 26,030 37,780
Max. Bending Moment N·m 260 440 790 1,720 3,160 4,840 9,750 18,050
Max. Bending Rigidity N·m/rad 2.3E+05 4.5E+05 7.5E+05 2.0E+06 5.7E+06 8.4E+06 1.8E+07 3.3E+07
Indexing Accuracy Arc sec ±30 ±25 ±20 ±15
Repetitive Accuracy Arc sec ±10 ±7.5
Input Speed RPM 0 to 200
Oscillating Motion Degree (by reversing the motor only)
Dimension & Specs PDF 829 kb 856 kb 816 kb 871 kb 875 kb 791 kb 485 kb 421 kb
*Output stop quantities may vary with index periods and/or housing sizes.

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