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Typical Applications
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RCC Series
The RollerDrive CNC RCC Series is a circular table designed to meet the requirements of machine tool manufacturers for high speed rotations and accuracy. The RCC Series tables offer robustness with the versatility to be mounted and used vertically or horizontally. Offering options for internal or external rotary joints and hydraulic clamping.
RollerDrive CNC Technology
Available in 5 Table Sizes
Available table diameters: 170 to 400mm.
Large Hollow Center
Available with a large hollow bore in the table center.
High Accuracy
Excellent positioning accuracy and repeatability.
No Clamping
No clamping necessary due to mechanically rigid zero-backlash structure.
Typical Applications
RCC Specifications
Specifications Units RCC170 RCC200 RCC250 RCC320 RCC400
Table Diameter mm φ170 φ200 φ250 φ320 φ400
Table Bore Diameter mm φ65 H7 φ75 H7 φ110 H7 φ165 H7 φ200 H7
Center Height mm 150 165 210 255 300
Gear Ratio   1/60 1/60 1/60 1/60 1/60
Max Table Speed rpm 75 75 75 50 50
Indexing Accuracy arc.sec ±15 ±10 ±10 ±10 ±10
Repeatability arc.sec 8 4 4 4 4
Net Weight kg 70 100 170 280 410
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