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RSD Series

The RSD Series offers high-speed indexing, low running cost, and excellent reliability.

Our original roller drive mechanism features high-speed indexing with virtually no maintenance for increased productivity.

Sankyo's standard products for machine tools are in use around the world, and can help you take your business global.

Excellent Productivity
0.5sec/90° (RSD500) - High-speed indexing delivers high productivity
• Rolling contact for no backlash adjustments
• Reduced running costs
• Reliability backed by an installed base of 20,000 units
• 0.0094% failure rate (including aging and collisions)
Description Unit RSD500 RSD630
Table Size mm □500 □630
Table Height mm 380 560
Servomotor (FANUC) αis12/4000 αis22/4000
Unit Weight kg 530 1295
Total Reduction Ratio   1/72 1/90
Maximum Table Speed min−1 50 30
Indexing Accuracy arc.sec ±10 ±10
Repeatability arc.sec 4 4
Clamping Method   Hydraulic Hydraulic
Clamping Torque (at 3.5 MPa of hydraulic pressure) N ・m 900 1,600
Clamping Torque (at 7 MPa of hydraulic pressure) N ・m 3,100 3,900
Pallet Clamping Force (at 3.5 MPa of hydraulic pressure) kN 63.1 78.9
Pallet Clamping Force (at 7 MPa of hydraulic pressure) kN 126.3 157.8
Allowable Payload kg 600 1,200
Allowable axial load N 46,599 58,000
Allowable Load | Allowable Bending Moment N ・m 13,237 53,376
Allowable Work Inertia kg ・m2 16 69
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